December 2016
Talk underway about starting a youth barbershop chorus in Saskatoon with Dave Pearce from Regina

January 2017
Recruiting begins at St. Joes and Cenntennial Collegiate for the Saskatoon Youth Barbershop Chorus

May 2017

First ever SYBC spring show with special guests Tone Down For What and 42nd Street Octet

January 2018
SYBC joined together with Harmony2Go Chorus (Regina) to compete as the Prairie Chords in Costa Mesa California for the Midwinter Convention at the Rene and Henry Segretsom Concert Hall. They recieved an "Excellent" rating for their performances.

June 2018
2nd annual spring show at 3rd Ave United Church with guest performances from the Local Group, Magic City Chorus, the Chimo Chordsmen, and Doo-ly noted Quartet.

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