About Acoustic Theory


Acoustic Theory has been offering young singers a chance to have fun, make friends and improve their singing and musicianship since 2017. The goal for Acoustic Theory is to bring good a capella singing to the youth in Saskatoon.

Acoustic Theory is beginning to be an avenue for the city's vocalists to find their voice in a group setting. Some Acoustic Theory members have gone on to share their talents as professional musicians and music educators.


Then known as the Saskatoon Youth Barbershop Chorus, the group came about thanks to the funding from the Sing Canada Harmony Foundation and the hard work, dedication and passion of the original group members.

In 2017, Justin La became the music director of Acoustic Theory, where he joined together with Dave Pearce from Regina to form a Saskatoon/Regina acappella group where they competed in the United States. Since the founding of Acoustic Theory, they have received an “excellent” review from the Midwinter Convention in Costa Mesa, California.

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